Photo of GMC Sierra 2500 HD courtesy of GM.

Photo of GMC Sierra 2500 HD courtesy of GM.

More than a quarter century since becoming available and and top of mind for fleet managers across the country, alt-fuel vehicles have more options than ever. As the new and current-generation vehicles highlighted on the following pages demonstrate, there is probably an alt-fuel solution to satisfy the needs of any fleet and any fleet driver.

As with their gasoline and diesel cousins, alt-fuel vehicles come in all shapes and sizes from compacts, such as the BMW i3, to heavy-duty pickups, such as the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, with sedans and SUVs filling in the gap between these two extremes. And, while there are the tried-and-true offerings such as hybrids, battery electrics, and compressed natural gas (CNG) powered vehicles, there’s a new set of vehicles on this year’s list, the fuel-cell-powered vehicle.

As with CNG, while this power source is generating interest within fleet, it still has some growing pains that it will have to face, namely the lack of highly visible and available infrastructure, though the OEMs pioneering this new alt-fuel are working to overcome this potential barrier. While there is no certainty what the future of any particular alt-fuel is, there is probably one given: alt-fuel vehicles are here to stay.


Photos: 2015 Alt-Fuel Vehicles

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