Photo of Model 3 courtesy of Tesla.

Photo of Model 3 courtesy of Tesla.

Tesla handed over the first 30 Model 3 battery-electric sedans to customers during a July 28 handover event at the company's Fremont, Calif., factory and pricing for most buyers will be significantly more than the $35,000 initially announced.

The Model 3 that's selling for $35,000 is a no-frills base model. The company's Autopilot semi-autonomous feature costs $5,000. Any color other than black adds $1,000. Adding battery capability to the car's 220-mile range so it gets more than 300 miles on a charge adds $9,000, reports The Verge.

The base Model 3 comes with manually adjusted seats, side mirrors, and steering column. The center console is uncovered, and there are no LED fog lamps.

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