Graphic courtesy of David1010 via wikimedia commons.

Graphic courtesy of David1010 via wikimedia commons.

The state of Queensland in Australia is preparing to implement one of the world’s longest electric-vehicle highways.

The state's government said that the approximately 1,242 mile-long road would feature 18 fast-charging stations that stretch along the state’s east coast, according to The Guardian. The charging stations, which can charge EVs in 30 minutes, will offer free power for at least a year in an effort to boost the number of electric cars and will be available within six months. 

The cost of the project will be $3 million, according to CarAndBike

Queensland is the continent’s biggest carbon polluter. The transport sector makes up the state’s second largest source of carbon emissions with 21.1 million metric tons in 2014, according to The Guardian.

There is currently a cluster of charging stations in the state of Western Australia, according to Mashable.

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