Photo courtesy of Hyundai.

Photo courtesy of Hyundai.

Hyundai unveiled its FE fuel cell concept vehicle at the Geneva auto show that it said is the next step toward a hydrogen-fueled society, the automaker announced.

The FE Concept showcases Hyundai Motor's fourth generation of hydrogen fuel cell technology. When compared with the system used in the Tucson ix35 Fuel Cell, the new technology is 20% lighter, and achieves 10% greater efficiency. Hyundai has also increased the power density of the fuel cell stack by 30%, which boosts the car's range significantly, according to the company.

The vehicle's name stands for Future Eco to recognize its unique fuel source.

The concept continues Hyundai's commitment to fuel cell vehicle development and is part of the company’s eco-vehicle program that will bring at least 14 new environmentally-focused models to market by 2020.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet