Photo of 2.5L engine courtesy of Toyota.

Photo of 2.5L engine courtesy of Toyota.

Toyota has developed a more efficient four-cylinder engine, two transmissions, and a next-generation hybrid powertrain, the automaker has announced.

Toyota has developed a 2.5L direct-injection inline-4 gasoline engine based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) that "achieve greater thermal efficiency, resulting in high output, due to a reduction in energy losses associated with, among others, exhaust and cooling systems and the movement of mechanical parts," according to the company.

Toyota has also developed two automatic transmissions, including the 8-speed Direct Shift-8AT and the 10-speed Direct shift-10AT that were designed "to minimize energy loss and heighten transmission efficiency."

Toyota has also enhanced the gasoline-electrid hybrid powertrain for the Prius. The Toyota Hybrid System II (THS-II) for 2.5L engines "excels in both power and fuel-economy performance due to the synergistic effect of size-reducing, weight-reducing and loss-reducing technologies coupled with the high thermal efficiency and output of a new TNGA-based engine," according to Toyota.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet