Photo of Cenergy Solutions’ Testing Site courtesy of Cenergy Solutions.

Photo of Cenergy Solutions’ Testing Site courtesy of Cenergy Solutions.

Cenergy Solutions has unveiled Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) fuel technology as a less expensive and safer alternative to vehicles that run on propane autogas (LNG).

ANG is also more readily available and shares similar thermal efficiencies with LPG, meaning users can operate ANG tanks in a similar manner to LPG tanks. Adsorbent natural/bio gas technology can store three to five times the amount of natural/biogas in an ANG tank than in a conventional compressed natural gas tank at the same pressure, according to Cenergy.

“Cenergy Solutions has made major breakthroughs with adsorbent natural gas and biogas storage which will not only help the world meet its energy needs it will help to capture and store natural and biogas throughout the world. This is the technology that will keep methane from escaping into our atmosphere and allow it to be put to good use replacing LPG, gasoline and diesel fuels,” said Gary Fanger, COO and CTO, Cenergy Solutions. “Everyone knows natural/biogas burns well and is an efficient, less expensive and renewable form of energy. Yet mass adoption has been slow because of one significant hurdle: high Pressure. Now with Cenergy’s breakthroughs in adsorbent technologies we can store natural/biogas at low pressures making it more affordable and easy to store and use.”

The company has low pressure ANG tanks available to be used for natural/biogas storage ranging in size from 22 liters up to 50 cubic meter tanks. This would allow users to store from 50 cubic feet to 4,000 cubic meters of natural/biogas at low pressures for storage or transportation.