Government operations in Napa County, Calif. reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 10% over the past eight years.

County government operations in fiscal year 2015 produced 7,462 tons of greenhouse gases, down from 8,249 tons in 2006, according to the Napa Valley Register.

At a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, Public Works Director Steven Lederer reported that, of its greenhouse has emissions for 2015, 23% came from the county's fleet of 320 vehicles, 30% came from energy for buildings, and 47% from employees commuting to work.

In his report, Lederer said that although the fleet services used more gasoline and diesel than it did eight years ago, the fuel used in 2015 was cleaner than those used in 2006. The gasoline is 7% cleaner and the diesel is 8% cleaner. Also, the fleet has grown from 299 to 320 vehicles over the past eight years which may account for the additional fuel usage.

The county will continue to look at adding solar projects and recently purchased the first two plug-in hybrids for its fleet with the possibility of adding more. In addition, the county will soon ask businesses and residents to join the carbon-cutting effort.

Originally posted on Government Fleet