Photo of CPF25 courtesy of ChargePoint.

Photo of CPF25 courtesy of ChargePoint.

ChargePoint will begin offering a Fleet Card and CPF25 EV charging station as part of a fleet plan that also provides access to the company's EV charging network for their drivers, the company has announced.

ChargePoint's new CPF25 Level 2 charging station includes several upgrades, including a RFID/smartphone reader for authentication, robust Wi-Fi, and 18- or 23-foot cables. The new charger has been optimized for fleets and muti-family applications, according to the company.

A fleet would purchase the charger and install it at their fueling depot. The fleet would also sign up for ChargePoint's cloud-based services.

The ChargePoint Fleet Card was created for fleets seeking to use public infrastructure not owned by the fleet operator for on-route charging. The card allows fleets to pay for fueling costs incurred by its drivers away from the fleet-owned fueling depot.

"Adopting EV platforms simply makes sense for any fleet manager," said Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint. "Not only are EVs much less expensive to operate and maintain but they’re also better for the environment. That is why we are seeing forward-thinking organizations making the transition."

ChargePoint plans to offer the card to commercial and government fleets. The fleet card is included when a fleet manager purchases a CPF25 station and Fleet Plan. It’s also included when a manager purchases the CT4000 Station and the Commercial Plan.

"I do think government fleets will use the card," said David Worthington, fleet manager with the county of Sonoma, Calif. "It is something we requested to make it easier for a fleet to manage charging when a vehicle is not near fleet charging infrastructure. We are working through the final installation steps of one of the new CPF25 stations to verify its operation in a fleet application. We will be providing ChargePoint with feedback on the station design, installation instructions and operator experience."

ChargePoint now maintains 28,203 charging spots, including 27,885 commercial spots and 318 Express spots.

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