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The Innova Fleet Services website contains detailed information about its fleet management system, which provides an affordable, efficient, and innovative way for managers to manage small- and medium-sized fleets.

“Our new website is easy-to-navigate so fleet managers can quickly learn about the many exclusive benefits of the Innova Fleet Management System, including in-depth diagnostic information and a robust maintenance module,” said Mike Fitzgerald, executive vice president and general manager of Innova Fleet Services. “With bright and bold graphics and large images, the new website was designed to offer informative content and deliver a valuable user experience.”

While visiting www.fleet.innova.com, fleet managers will learn how the Innova Fleet Management System will help them manage the areas of their business that cost the most money such as fuel, driver productivity and vehicle repairs.

One of the features on the new website is the ROI calculator, which allows visitors to enter in their own information and easily determine the return on investment (ROI) derived by using the system.

Innova provides information on the real-time condition of vehicles, highlights problems and their severity, supplies predictive failure information, identifies parts needed for repairs, and provides customizable vehicle maintenance schedules.

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