Workhorse Group Inc. has signed an agreement with the Rechargeable Battery Division (RBD) of Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America for the supply of "18650" cylindrical Panasonic Li-Ion batteries for Workhorse's battery-electric medium duty trucks, according to a release.

Workhorse is striving to evolve and grow the medium-duty truck market for alternative propulsion systems that reduce both the environmental impact and operating costs. Panasonic's lithium-ion batteries feature the high capacity, durability and cost performance that will further help Workhorse differentiate their battery-powered electric vehicles.

The Panasonic "18650" cells are built into battery packs sized to meet the routes that fleet customers require.

Workhorse trucks utilize the Panasonic cells in both their E-GEN extended-range, battery-electric and E-100 battery-electric trucks offering customers the options that best meet their needs. Workhorse trucks have historically been sold to the largest fleets in the U.S. and Canada for last-mile delivery and related uses.