Photo courtesy of Volkswagen.

Photo courtesy of Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Group of America is recalling 825 Touareg Hybrid SUVs in the 2011-2015 model years because the risk of an electrical short in the high-voltage battery increases the chances of a fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall covers vehicles manufactured from March 20, 2010, to April 11, 2015.

“The hybrid battery tray may not drain water sufficiently,” NHTSA said on its website. “If water collects in the hybrid battery tray, it may cause an electrical short in the high voltage battery.”

The presence of an electrical short increases the risk of a fire.

Volkswagen dealers will install a fitted drain valve to allow water to drain properly. There will be no charge for this service, NHTSA reported.

The recall is expected to begin later this month. Vehicle owners can reach Volkswagen customer service at (800) 893-5298. Volkswagen’s number for this recall is 53B8.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet