Photo: ULEMCo

Photo: ULEMCo

ULEMCo has been advised by the UK’s Transport for London (TfL) that its conversion of a Ford Transit to a dual fuel hydrogen-diesel is eligible for a 100-percent Congestion Charge discount. This opens the way for fleet operators to deploy this ultra-low emission vehicle in London with a financial incentive, according to the company.

A converted 2.2L Ford Transit was tested and found to meet TfL requirements for a 100-percent discount based on the criteria for exemption: emissions of less than 75g/km, and to meet or better the Euro 5b standard. ULEMCo’s emissions test result for the converted van was just 59g/km, and was confirmed by the UK Vehicle Type Approval authority (VCA). Air quality measures relative to the Euro standard showed results 77 percent better on particulates; 78 percent better on CO; 14 percent better on NOx, and 6 percent better on THC (unburned hydro carbon). Eligibility for the Congestion Charge discount will apply to any vehicles of the same engine/type converted by ULEMCo, subject to TfL’s annual confirmation, according to the company.

ULEMCo said that it has raised a further £400,000 (US$592,682) in funding and is currently carrying out dual fuel conversions of a number of refuse collection vehicles and Transits under the Levenmouth Community Energy Project.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet