ET Environmental Corporation, LLC and WIH Resource Group, Inc. have formed a partnership that brings together industry veterans in the solid waste and alternative energy fields to provide complete client solutions for projects from conception through final completion.

With a focus on project feasibility analysis and return on investment, engineering design, procurement, construction management, and operations and maintenance, this partnership provides valuable assistance that clients may not have in-house, according to the companies.

"The waste industry is constantly seeking ways to improve profits, increase customer retention, and operate more efficiently," said Bob Wallace, principal and vice president of client solutions of WIH Resource Group, Inc. "The combination of ET Environmental's engineering expertise, depth of experience and technical knowledge, coupled with WIH Resource Group's waste management, recycling, operational, transportation and financial analytical capabilities makes for a powerful combination."

The partnership should be symbiotic, said ET Environmental's president and CEO Bill Higginbotham.

“ET Environmental and WIH Resource Group have similar cultures with separate and distinct service strengths," Higginbotham said. "Our partnership creates a strategic approach that combines those strengths into a sum that’s greater than the separate parts."