Photo by Kareem Girgis

Photo by Kareem Girgis

Many fleets were honored but only six took the top honors of the HDT Efficiency and Sustainability awards at the 2015 Fleet Technology Expo at an Aug. 26 ceremony.

Scott Ruder from Con-way Freight, Kirk Welch from Toyota, and Tim Harris from Celadon Trucking Services were given awards for HDT Efficiency. Steve Saltzgiver from Republic Services, Stephen Silverman from Raven Transport, and Scott Perry from Ryder System received the awards for HDT Sustainability.

Con-way Freight has worked to improve its fleet's fuel efficiency year-over-year by improving truck specs every year. Con-way has also incorporated an onboard scorecard that shows drivers how fuel efficient their driving was that day, which encourages a spirit of competition among drivers to see who drives most efficiently, according to the company.

Welch has been instrumental in Toyota’s efficiency. His use of data analytics, variance analysis and OEM/component market research has reduced emissions and improved fuel economy within Toyota’s fleet, according to the company.

Celadon’s use of battery-powered auxiliary power units, driver incentives, and strict enforcement of its idle policy has significantly reduced its moving average fleet idle time. In July 2010, idle time for its vehicles sat at 49.2%. In July 2014, that number dropped to 17.6%. That month alone saved the company 18.5 million gallons of diesel, according to the company.

Republic Services is deploying over 300 CNG trucks a year, building two to three stations a year, and purchasing 500 clean diesel trucks in its goal of reducing GHG by 3% by 2020. Out of its fleet of 16,000, over 10% are sustainable vehicles that run on alternative fuel, according to the company.

Silverman helped Raven Transport save fuel by installing APU units on sleeper trucks to reduce idle times. He later switched many of Raven Transport’s fleet vehicles to LNG units, improving sustainability, according to the company.

Ryder is a charter member of the NGV Fleet Forum and a member of the Department of Energy’s National Clean Fleets partnership. It was also one of the first national fleets to introduce low emission technologies to the truck rental and leasing industry, according to the company.

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