Photo courtesy of Telefonix Inc.

Photo courtesy of Telefonix Inc.

Portland International Airport (PDX) in Oregon has installed 42 Level 1 PowerPost electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. It is the largest installation of commercial electric vehicle chargers at an airport in the U.S., according to Telefonix Inc., which designs and manufactures PowerPost EV charging stations.

PDX selected Level 1 units for their low current requirements and efficient use of energy, making the EV charging level well-suited for long-dwell parking that is typical at airports and workplaces, Telefonix said. The low-current requirements of Level 1 also allow the airport to install more charging stations, compared to more powerful chargers that can require costly upgrades to the electrical supply.

The airport particularly chose the PowerPost charging stations for their retractable cord reel that is designed to keep cables off the ground, reducing maintenance and tripping hazards, Telefonix added.

The EV charging stations will be free to use for visitors and employees.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet