Southern California Gas Co. and the California Trucking Association are teaming up to advocate the benefits of natural gas and alternative fuels for heavy-duty trucking and good movement, according to a press release from SoCalGas.

According to a report written by Consumer Federation of America, fuel accounts for over a third of transportation costs, and that reducing fuel costs not only benefits the company but also allows the company to pass over those savings to its consumers.

One of the most affordable and cleanest burning alternative fuel available is natural gas, according to SoCalGas. A report from the Department of Energy showed the national average price of natural gas was $2.09/gasoline-gallon-equivalent compared to $3.06/gallon for diesel.

Natural gas also provides environmental benefits on top of its economical benefits. Heavy-duty natural gas vehicles can provide up to 95% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions and reactive hydrocarbons.

SoCalGas will be hosting multiple free natural gas trucking workshops through November in Los Angeles and San Diego where the utility will have fleet operators who have transitioned to natural gas share their first-hand experiences.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online