A new taxi, which uses four different fuels interchangeably, has been registered to operate in Montevideo, Uruguay. The new car operates on gasoline, ethanol, biodiesel and natural gas, but the engine will prioritize, whenever possible, the use of CNG, according to officials in the Uruguayan capital.

The registered Fiat Siena will be tested for 90 days. Officials highlighted the regulatory role of the Uruguay’s capital city and the encouragement given to the introduction of more efficient technologies in public transportation, according to officials.

When operating on CNG, the vehicle reaches a driving range of 186 kilometers in the city and 244 kilometers on the road, according to officials. In the case of liquid fuels, the driver can use them individually by selecting the most suitable for every driving situation, or the injection pump can make a mixture in order to find the most efficient proportion.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet