Photo via Wikimedia

Photo via Wikimedia

The first solar-powered ambulances will be introduced in England as a part of a government initiative to reduce the amount of emissions from its fleets. Transport Minister Baroness Kramer awarded more than $260,000 to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service for solar-powered vehicles. The funding is provided by the Department of Transport.

The Yorkshire Ambulance Service will replace 175 of its ambulances with the solar technology by November, according to Telegraph. If the ambulances prove to be a successful addition, the trial period will be broadened to other ambulances in the country.

The new ambulances are a part of a $8,039,850 Clean Vehicle Technology funding package. Some of the previous projects included replacing vans and buses with hybrids and putting into place more infrastructures to support them. The funding will support more than 1,000 vehicles including taxis, buses, vans, fire engines and ambulances.

Seventeen local authorities have been awarded grants.

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