Photo via Wikipedia.

Photo via Wikipedia.

Tesla Motors is partnering with China Unicom, the second-largest mobile phone company in that country, to set up a nationwide network of charging points for its battery-electric vehicles.

Under the partnership, charging stations will be build at 400 China Unicom stores in 120 cities, and super-charge outlets added in 20 Chinese cities, according to Reuters. The charging service will be free and will only be accessible for Tesla owners. The Chinese government plans to spend an estimated $16 billion for EV infrastructure, as part of a campaign to reduce the pollution in the city.

The new charging points will also support the growing number of Tesla's Model S being sold in China. Tesla co-founder Elon Musk said he could expect Tesla’s sales in China to match U.S. sales by early 2015, reports Bloomberg.

The partnership isn’t the first deal Tesla has struck in China. Musk signed an agreement with real-estate developer Soho China Ltd. and Yantai Holdings Co. to build more battery-charging outlets. The EV business in China has been stifled by the lack of infrastructure in the country.

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