Photo courtesy of Audi.

Photo courtesy of Audi.

Audi AG has introduced a 3.0L TDI V-6 clean diesel to its engine lineup that is as much as 13 percent more efficient than its predecessor depending on the model.

The new 3.0 TDI, introduced at the Vienna Motor Symposium on May 8, meets the Euro 6 emissions standard. It will be offered in two exhaust turbocharged versions that produce 218 horsepower and 272 hp respectively.

The engines feature a 90-degree cylinder bank angle and displacement of 2,967 cc. Peak torque reaches 442.5 lb.-ft. of torque depending on the model. The new V-6 diesel is packed with numerous high‑end features, according to Audi.

The piston rings and pins have been optimized for minimal friction. The crankcase and the newly designed cylinder heads have separate coolant loops. The updated thermal management system improves efficiency. The turbocharger and the fully-variable‑load oil pump have also been updated. A NOx storage catalytic converter has been combined with a diesel particulate filter and SCR injection in a single assembly.

The exhaust gas after‑treatment integrated into the engine package satisfies the most stringent of emissions legislation, including the Euro 6 standard, according to Audi. It also reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 15 grams (24.1 g/mi).