A Clean Air Power dual fuel component.Photo courtesy Clean Air Power

A Clean Air Power dual fuel component.
Photo courtesy Clean Air Power

Ricardo, Inc., a multi-industry consultancy for engineering, technology, project innovation and strategy, together with Clean Air Power (CAP), a global company in dual-fuel technology, announced they have entered into an agreement for the development of the dual fuel engine business, according to Ricardo, Inc.

"This agreement will help our global clients to achieve those savings more quickly, with reduced development time and robust system integration. We are pleased to be working with CAP as a system integrator for their patented dual-fuel technology," said Tom Apostolos, president of Ricardo, Inc.

CAP's dual-fuel system enables heavy-duty vehicles to operate primarily on natural gas, with diesel fuel acting as a 'liquid spark plug', Apostolos said. The diesel engine is basically unchanged, and retains its high performance and high efficiency 4-stroke diesel cycle; if the natural gas runs out, the system changes seamlessly to operate on 100 percent diesel, providing complete diesel operational backup, Apostolos said.