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Good Earth Energy Conservation, Inc. (Good Earth), a Fort Worth developer of all-electric fleet vehicles, has completed a reverse merger with a subsidiary of Numbeer, Inc., effective May 22, 2013, with Good Earth as the surviving entity. As part of the transaction, Good Earth shareholders exchanged all of their shares for approximately 93 percent of the Numbeer, Inc. common stock outstanding at the time of the merger.

The Company plans to change its name to Good Earth Energy Conservation, Inc., and to effect a 1-for-0.39733333 split of its outstanding common stock. The Company's stock symbol will remain "NUMB" on an interim basis until the Company's name change is effected and a new symbol is approved.

For more details of the above transaction, refer to the Company's current report on Form 8-K, dated May 22, 2013.

Good Earth's 3-wheeled Firefly ESV is engineered and built entirely in the U.S. The Firefly uses the longer life cycle lithium iron phosphate battery that has an eight-hour charger compatible with a standard 110v or 220v outlet. The Firefly is capable of up to 60 and 90 miles per charge (extended range model) and performance speeds of up to 45 mph.

The basic design of the Firefly also permits tailoring to the specific requirements of the varying market segments within the essential services market. The vehicle's modular design will facilitate the export of vehicle kits which can be easily assembled and sold in emerging markets such as China.

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