XL Hybrids, Inc., developer of a low-cost hybrid-electric powertrain designed for Class 1 to 3 commercial fleet vehicles, and the Knapheide Manufacturing Company, a commercial vehicle equipment provider, will join efforts to upfit the 2014 Chevy Express and the GMC Savana vans beginning Aug. 1, 2013. The powertrain may also be used inside 2010 to 2013 cargo vans and bailment pool vehicles.

Knapheide builds about a dozen vehicle products, including Service Bodies, KUV Bodies, and Platform Bodies, for more than 200 automobile-related companies. XL Hybrids will utilize this new relationship to help market its hybrid-electric powertrain to a wider commercial fleet audience. The patent-pending hybrid-electric powertrain stores the energy created from braking and applies it to the acceleration process.

Knapheide will display the hybrid vehicle upfit at the 2014 GM Fleet and Commercial Product Preview.