General Motors is the first automaker, out of a group of 40 U.S. companies, to sign a “Climate Declaration” calls for policymakers to address climate change by promoting the use of clean energy, improving efficiency, and limiting CO2 emissions.

The Climate Declaration campaign is organized by Ceres and its Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy, or BICEP, coalition.

GM said signing this declaration aligns with its environmental commitment, which the automaker said was recently recognized by the American Carbon Registry’s Corporate Excellence Award. The award recognizes companies for their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and impact on the climate. The automaker also received an EPA Energy Star Partner of the Year Award for Sustained Excellence, which recognizes corporate energy management efforts.

GM said it is dedicated to energy efficiency in its worldwide operations and is working toward a goal of reducing the energy intensity of its facilities by 20% by 2020. GM said it has 54 facilities that meet the Energy Star Challenge for Industry, which requires facilities to reduce energy intensity by 10 percent within five years. Energy intensity is a measure of the cost to convert energy into GDP.

GM also said it is investing up to $40 million in the Chevrolet Carbon Reduction Initiative, which seeks to help fund community-based carbon-reduction projects throughout the U.S. and has a goal of reducing CO2 emissions by up to 8 million metric tons.