The Energy Department announced three new corporate partners – AMP Americas, Kwik Trip, and Waste Management – are joining the National Clean Fleets Partnership, a broad public-private partnership that assists the nation’s largest fleet operators in reducing the amount of gasoline and diesel they use nationwide.

These new partners join 18 other major national companies that are improving the fuel economy of their commercial fleets, integrating alternative fuels such as natural gas and electricity into their daily operations and reducing their overall fuel use.

The National Clean Fleets Partnership, first announced by President Obama in 2011, aims to speed the deployment of clean, energy-efficient vehicles and the infrastructure to support their widespread use. Through the partnership, Energy Department experts provide each company with specialized resources, technical expertise and support to develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce their fleets’ oil consumption. The Department also helps connect partners with clean fuel providers and equipment manufacturers where their fleets operate.

The new partners announced have already begun taking action to develop and implement fuel-efficiency projects across their fleets. Serving more than 400 retail convenience stores across the Midwest, Kwik Trip both sells alternative fuels and uses them in its own fleet, AMP Americas is running 42 Class 8 long-haul trucks on natural gas, and Waste Management has the nation’s largest fleet of heavy-duty trucks that run on natural gas. The company has more than 2,000 trucks running on natural gas in North America and is working to convert its entire 18,000-truck fleet.

The National Clean Fleets Partnership is part of the Energy Department’s Clean Cities Initiative.