ROUSH CleanTech and Green Alternative Systems (GAS) revealed the new Ford F-550 chassis cab powered by propane autogas at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

The vehicle offers more than 65 usable gallons, for the longest driving range of any dedicated alternative-fuel counterpart currently available. The fuel tank is positioned between the frame rails and behind the aft axle. Customizable to carry up to 33 passengers as a shuttle, the Ford F-550 also suits the delivery, construction, transit and utility markets. Equipped with a 6.8L, V-10 engine, the propane autogas alternative-fuel system is available beginning with 2013-model year vehicles or newer.

GAS, a certified Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) installer, designs mounting hardware, handles packaging strategy and integrates ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas fuel system technology into the F-550 chassis cab. The vehicles maintain the factory Ford warranty and the same horsepower, torque, and towing capacity as their gasoline counterparts.

“Partnering with Ford QVM installers allows us the flexibility to launch products faster and package our fuel system to fit customer needs,” said Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing for ROUSH CleanTech. “With gas and diesel prices soaring, companies looking for an alternative fuel that doesn’t compromise functionality will see significant savings to their bottom line using this cleaner-burning, American fuel.”

Fleet professionals running propane autogas vehicles can expect to save at least 40 percent on the price of fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25 percent compared to gasoline. Plus, propane autogas delivers the largest refueling network of any alternative fuel in the nation with thousands of public propane autogas fueling stations are located across the country.

“This is a monumental new product release for the fleet industry,” said Sean Connolly, general manager of GAS. “With an industry-leading fuel capacity, this dedicated propane autogas vehicle fills the gap for a reliable alternative fuel option for this commonly used application.”

Working together to expand propane autogas product offerings for a variety of markets, the two companies previously announced the GAS F-59 propane autogas fueling system by ROUSH CleanTech for the Ford F-59 and F-53 stripped chassis. Each of these platforms is available for order through GAS, with production and delivery starting in late May 2013.