Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law ACT 833, an Ortego House Bill (HB 1213), which requires state agencies to purchase alternative-fuel vehicles. As outlined in the final version signed by the Governor, the state shall not purchase any vehicle unless it is “capable of and equipped for using bi-fuels, natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas.” Bi-fuel vehicles are defined as gasoline or diesel plus LPG or CNG.

State agencies may waive the requirements only under the following circumstances:

  • The vehicles will be operating in an area that is not within a 25-mile radius of the appropriate type of refueling facility.
  • A state agency is not able to recoup the difference in the cost between the alternative-fuel vehicle and a traditionally fueled vehicle within 60 months of the purchase or lease.
  • The vehicle does not meet the agency’s required specifications.