CAMPBELL, CAChargePoint announced the availability of the ChargePoint 4.0 platform for electric vehicle drivers and charging station owners. ChargePoint 4.0 is a free upgrade for all ChargePoint account holders and is now live for all station owners and drivers.

ChargePoint 4.0 features include:

  • A new driver experience with enhanced workflows and a new look.
  • ChargePoint Connections delivering a new concept that provides businesses the ability to market to the large and growing ChargePoint driver community.
  • Simplified administration for any station owner configuring access control or preferred pricing.
  • Multi-site deployment support allowing organizations to view and manage their charging stations worldwide from a single location and login. At the same time, organizations can grant selectable levels of control over any group of stations to local installation and support teams.
  • New pricing options in flex billing include combined hourly and kWh pricing (where allowed) and the ability to change the hourly rate if a driver is plugged in longer than a specified amount of time
  • Advanced analytics engine for reporting and analyzing key station metrics.
  • A new administration model with Rights Granting allowing station owners to outsource some or all of the tasks of managing their charging stations to third parties.
  • New web services APIs that provide unified access to development resources, along with “Push Event” subscription services to improve application efficiency.

For organizations considering offering EV charging services, ChargePoint is introducing “ChargePoint Test Drive,” a free seven-day trial to experience the ChargePoint 4.0 services platform. For more information, visit: