LONGMONT, CO – UQM Technologies Inc.announced it has begun supplying Boulder Electric Vehicles with PowerPhase HD 220 electric drive systems to build new electric delivery vans for FedEx Express.

Boulder makes all-electric delivery trucks and work utility vehicles or cargo vans.

As part of this initiative, Boulder will use the PowerPhase HD 220 systems in its composite delivery van designed specifically as an all-electric vehicle. Delivering a maximum output of 220kW, and 120kW on a continuous basis, the PowerPhase HD 220 offers commercial trucks and buses an efficient path to the adoption of electric propulsion technology in heavy-duty vehicles, according to the manufacturer.

FedEx Express, a 2012 Top 50 Green Fleet, recently announced significant progress to improve its fleet’s fuel economy by 20 percent by 2020. The company said it is now 16.6 percent more fuel-efficient than it was in 2005.

In addition to these electric vans, the fleet is also adding all-electric trucks to its operations.