MILWAUKEE – Alliance AutoGas fueling partner Charter Fuels shared the benefits of clean, affordable propane autogas for fleets at the ninth annual “Driving Toward 2020: Green Vehicles Workshop.” Hosted at the Milwaukee Area Technical College by Wisconsin Clean Cities May 4, the all-day event explored the latest trends in the alternative fuel industry and gave students and community members a chance to experience green vehicles firsthand.

The event featured alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles of all types from major vehicle manufacturers, including Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. Josh Budworth of Charter Fuels showcased a propane-autogas-powered 2011 Ford F-150.

“This workshop was a unique opportunity to get younger generations excited about alternative fuel technology and educate them about the most viable options on the market today, like propane autogas,” said Budworth, who participated in a panel covering propane autogas, natural gas, ethanol, and electricity. “Autogas is an American-made clean fuel that saves fleets thousands annually on fuel costs, even with as little as one autogas vehicle.”

Charter Fuels recently helped the City of Marinette, Wis., convert a police cruiser to autogas, and expects fuel cost savings of around $5,000 annually. A partner in the national Alliance AutoGas network, Charter helps fleets switch to autogas through vehicle conversions, installation of a fuel station at the fleet base, data integration for fuel management systems, operational and safety training, and ongoing technical support. Alliance provides funding options so fleets can switch to autogas at no upfront cost.

Autogas fleets currently save around $1.50 per gallon compared to gasoline, and many report reduced maintenance needs and increased engine life. Propane autogas powers 18 million vehicles globally.

Charter Fuels has offices servicing 46 counties across Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota.