ATLANTA – Cox Enterprises celebrated the fifth anniversary of Cox Conserves, the company’s national sustainability program. Launched in 2007, Cox Conserves seeks to reduce Cox Enterprises’ energy consumption by embracing renewable forms of energy, conserving natural resources and inspiring eco-friendly behavior.

Cox Conserves is a multi-faceted program that looks at where the company operates and finds ways to lessen its impact on the environment. Examples of initiatives completed to date include:

Alternative Energy 
Cox actively identifies opportunities to harness solar energy and employ fuel cell technology. To date, these alternative energy projects save 17,400 tons of carbon – equivalent to removing the pollution created by more than 3,000 cars. Twenty-five percent of Cox Communications’ electricity in California is generated through alternative energy.

Eco-Friendly Fleet 
With more than 12,000 vehicles, Cox Enterprises has one of the nation’s largest fleets. Cox embraces eco-friendly vehicles and uses technology such as GPS Fleet Management Solutions to lessen its impact on the environment. Ninety percent of Cox Communications’ bucket trucks are zero emission vehicles when the bucket is in operation.

More on the program initiatives can be found online at

Cox was named one of Automotive Fleet’s Top 50 Green Fleets in 2011.