STOCKTON, CA – Electric Vehicles International (EVI) is launching a new initiative to deploy 500 fully electric return-to-base delivery trucks, replacing diesel trucks with zero-emission vehicles made in California. 

EVI and UPS will deploy the first 100 zero-emission medium-duty delivery trucks early this summer. The initiative is made possible through the partnership and support of agencies including the California Energy Commission, the California Air Resources Board, South Coast Air Quality Management District, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, and the Sacramento Air Quality Management District.

Over the next two years, these vehicles will eliminate up to 12 million miles of toxic diesel emissions per year throughout California, according to EVI.

"We are thrilled that national fleet operators are choosing California to lead large-scale deployments of commercial electric vehicles,” said Mary Nichols, chairman of the California Air Resources Board. “UPS' deployment of 100 EVI zero emission vehicles this year and EVI's 500-vehicle initiative over the next two years will greatly help improve public health in California by reducing air pollution. This proves that ultra-clean delivery vehicles are ready now for everyday use in our communities."

The initiative follows Governor Brown’s Executive Order requiring all State of California entities to support and facilitate the rapid commercialization of zero-emission vehicles.