LONG BEACH, CA – California Lithium Battery Inc. (CalBattery) announced it has entered into a Work for Others (WFO) agreement with Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) to commercialize a breakthrough low-cost “GEN3” lithium-ion battery.

According to the company, the battery will offer the highest energy density and longest cycle life of any lithium battery made today, and will be manufactured in the U.S. at a comparable cost reduction up to 70 percent.

The “GEN3” lithium-ion battery will combine Argonne’s silicon-graphene battery anode process with other advanced battery materials into the lowest lifecycle cost per watt lithium-ion battery ideally suited for energy storage and EV applications. The key technology advancement is CalBattery will become the first U.S. battery manufacturer to be able to successfully use silicon in its battery anode, which is expected to help triple battery cycle life, according to the manufacturer.