LONDON – The hybrid vehicle market will see steady growth over the next eight years, according to an ABI Research study on hybrid and electric vehicles.

Government incentives and increasingly stringent emissions regulations will continue to drive the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles. In particular, major cities are providing a great deal of support for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles by subsidizing the installation of public recharging infrastructure and offering discounted or free parking and other benefits.

Commercial hybrid and electric vehicles continue to be tested in fleets and there is a much greater variety of technology available, including hydraulic energy storage systems that are better suited to large, heavy vehicles. There is no single solution that meets all needs and each technology must be evaluated in terms of the drive cycle required, according to ABI.

ABI Research’s study is available online at The report provides a summary and analysis of relevant global market and business trends, technical evaluations of the major types of hybrid and electric drive on the market, and discussion of product announcements and activity by companies competing in this market.