ATLANTA – Waste Pro USA recently received its first-ever compressed natural gas (CNG) solid waste collection truck from E-Z Pack Manufacturing, a refuse truck body provider.

The vehicle, an E-Z Pack Hercules Front Loader body built on a 2012 Mack chassis, arrived in the Atlanta area Feb. 3 and is anticipated to be in operation later this month. CNG tanks are uniquely integrated in the upper rear of the vehicle body for optimized vehicle weight distribution and lower overall height. The body features greater ground clearance and a fuel capacity of 75 diesel gallon equivalents (DGEs).

In addition to being CNG-enabled, the vehicle was built with two other environmentally friendly features: powder coat paint and “Quiet Hydraulics” technology, according to Jim Rogers, vice president of sales & marketing at E-Z Pack. Oven-cured powder coat paint is “green technology” because, unlike the wet paint process, no VOC (volatile organic compounds) are emitted into the atmosphere. Powder coat paint is also more durable than liquid paint. “Quiet Hydraulics” is an E-Z Pack technology designed to reduce noise and improve fuel efficiency.

“We challenged E-Z Pack to come up with a unique way to effectively manage weight distribution to meet the demands of our highway system,” said Bob Nicholas, corporate fleet manager at Waste Pro USA. “Plus, we wanted full productivity with low RPM and fuel-efficient operations. This truck will have no speed-up noise. It will work very quietly.”

“This first new truck is a testament to our commitment to reduce air and noise pollution,” said John Jennings, president and CEO of Waste Pro USA. “We are still in the early innings of this initiative but it’s important to celebrate a first milestone with our customers, partners, and the communities that we serve.”

In October 2011, Waste Pro USA announced the investment of $100 million to transition its fleet of heavy trucks from diesel fuel to cleaner burning CNG. 

Waste Pro is a privately owned solid waste collection, recycling, processing and disposal company operating in seven southeastern states. Serving more than 1.8 million customers from 91 operating locations, Waste Pro USA is headquartered in Longwood, Fla., and maintains more than 115 exclusive municipal contracts and franchises.