GREEN BAY, WI — TrilliumHD, a joint venture between Integrys Transportation Fuels and trucking company Paper Transport, announced plans to build the greater Green Bay area's first public compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station. 

The fueling station is due to open in March. The location is the De Pere Superstore at 1501 West Main Avenue in De Pere, just off of Highway 41.

TrilliumHD will build, operate and maintain the CNG fueling station. Access to the fuel will be available to anyone with a CNG vehicle. The station's primary customers, however, will be fleets. They will have access to special programs.

Paper Transport uses CNG as a fuel for its own fleet of natural gas trucks.

Construction of the CNG station at the De Pere Superstore began in November 2011. The next step will be the delivery and installation of major equipment, including two 250 HP compressors, gas driers and a twin-hose CNG dispenser. The station will provide fast fills, with a flow rate of 10 diesel gallon equivalents per minute. Shortly after the major equipment arrives on site, the Trillium team will complete installation, commissioning and training.

TrilliumHD plans to open additional stations in the area this year.

“Through TrilliumHD, we want to build a network of over-the-road CNG fueling stations to ensure CNG is a convenient, readily accessible fuel for drivers," said Charles Koontz, managing director of strategic business development for Integrys Transportation Fuels.

Matt Olson, owner of the De Pere Superstore, said he believes bringing CNG fueling to the area is important for several reasons.

"We're excited to be part of the first CNG project in northeast Wisconsin,” Olson said. “CNG is an up-and-coming transportation fuel. With Paper Transport taking the lead in this area by fueling with natural gas, we believe the trend will steamroll into other businesses."

As part of the CNG project, Olson has expanded the De Pere Superstore's facilities for heavy-duty trucking, with 40 additional parking stalls, a CAT scale, overnight parking and room for CNG equipment.

"Really, we're making this a one-stop location for the trucking industry," said Olson. "We hope to attract fleets from other areas or states, and we anticipate other local businesses converting to natural gas vehicles."