GREEN BAY, WI – Paper Transport Inc., a Wisconsin-headquartered truckload carrier, said it has put into service two tractors with 12-liter prototype CNG engines produced by Cummins. 

One engine is in a Kenworth truck and the other is in a Freightliner.  

“The 12-liter CNG trucks are an important step forward for us as we look toward more widespread use of natural gas as a fuel for our trucks,” said Jeff Shefchik, president of Paper Transport.

The prototype engines provide equal horsepower and torque to engines commonly used in Class 8 trucks. The development of the higher-powered units will allow for use of CNG units in higher weight and environments where hills are a concern.  

“The full use of CNG trucks had been somewhat limited by the fact that the 9-liter engine was all that was available for a 100-percent CNG power unit,” Shefchik said. “The 12-liter’s capability to handle steeper grades will be a nice feature.”

More of the 12-liter engines are scheduled for release in the early part of 2012.  However, full production of the 12-liter model is not expected to begin until the first quarter 2013.

Paper Transport has been utilizing CNG tractors since February of 2010. They have over a million miles on units currently in use.  Another 10 tractors are scheduled for delivery by the end of this month.