LYNNFIELD, MA -- GreenMan Technologies Inc. announced that its APG International subsidiary has received a follow-on order from ODIZIM/CNG Technologies Ltd., its local distributor in Africa, for the continued conversion of an existing customer's local delivery truck fleet. 

The order is expected to be completed by the end of January 2012.

APG's dual-fuel system converts diesel engines and diesel generators to function more efficiently and at a lower operating cost by displacing 40 to 70 percent of the normal diesel fuel consumption with CNG, LNG, well-head gas or bio-methane. APG's system is non-invasive to the OEM engine and operates within all OEM performance controls with the flexibility to return to 100-percent diesel operation at any time, the company said. 

APG's dual-fuel conversion and emissions reduction systems can help users achieve their sustainability goals through lower carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions. In addition, the introduction of natural gas through APG's dual-fuel system does not impact diesel engine power or pulling torque and will assist in extending the engine's oil life since natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel compared to diesel, according to GreenMan Technologies

"We are pleased to see continued progress in expanding the use of our APG Dual Fuel Conversion systems in Africa,” said Lyle Jensen, GreenMan CEO. “With this order, we will be approaching 130 vehicles operating with our dual fuel system and anticipate additional orders as local customers have made measureable progress over the past several months towards establishing the necessary natural gas fueling infrastructure required to continue their fleet conversion to dual fuel."