HARRISBURG, PA – Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett announced that he and the governors of Colorado, Oklahoma and Wyoming have signed a memorandum of understanding that’s aimed at encouraging U.S. auto manufacturers to develop new natural gas-powered vehicles.

The four states have agreed to work toward switching their vehicle fleets to cleaner-burning natural gas. They will also develop a joint request for proposal to the auto industry to combine the four states’ future vehicle purchases, which will help to increase demand for such vehicles in the marketplace.

“Natural gas has created tens of thousands of jobs in Pennsylvania and can create hundreds of thousands more in this country once we’ve developed the right infrastructure,” Corbett said. “I am pleased to work with governors Hickenlooper, Fallin and Mead to improve our nation’s energy security.”

The memorandum notes the four governors’ concern that more than 60 percent of the nation’s oil, a majority of which is used as transportation fuel, is imported. As a result, the transportation sector is at constant risk from market volatility, supply shortages and geopolitical uncertainties.

Corbett has agreed to work with Colorado, Oklahoma and Wyoming to promote cost parity for consumers seeking to purchase natural gas vehicles by aggregating their states’ purchases of vehicles.

“Pennsylvania has always led on energy issues, and I am pleased that we will continue to lead by fostering demand for this abundant, clean-burning and domestic resource,” Corbett said.