FORT WASHINGTON, MD - Denison Landscaping and Nursery, Inc., in Fort Washington, Md., is ROUSH CleanTech’s first landscaping customer to commit to purchasing the company’s new 2012-MY F-Series propane autogas-fueled pickup trucks once they become available.

Denison has a fleet of nearly 300 vehicles and is also considering purchasing propane-fueled lawnmowers in addition to the pickup trucks, according to ROUSH.

“We chose the ROUSH CleanTech propane autogas option for engineering and design superiority, the stand-alone viability of fuel, the demonstrated cleaner burn, and the additional longevity of the engine and its internal fluids,” said Josh Denison, Denison Landscaping’s director of human resources and operations, during today’s announcement. “In the D.C. metro area, going green is what customers want to see from the companies they choose as business partners. Many of our peers are choosing hybrid technology, however, we feel hybrids are not as cost-effective for us as propane autogas. Couple the trucks with the propane mowers we will be adding, and we have a powerful tool to help us become more environmentally sustainable — not to mention cost effective.”

Denison stated the first two trucks will replace gasoline-fueled models driven by company managers who travel an average of 900 to 1,200 miles per week. ROUSH said calculations show the trucks fueled by propane autogas could potentially lower the company’s carbon footprint by more than 60,000 pounds of CO2 in one year.

Denison is a family-owned corporation in business since 1973. The company said it operates several nurseries in addition to a 40-acre Garden Center and Nursery in Fort Washington, Md., and provides landscaping, irrigation system design, lighting, hardscapes, erosion control and snow-removal services.