LOS ANGELES, CA – Electric vehicle charging station developer 350Green and drugstore chain Walgreens announced plans to bring more than 100 public charging stations, including 35 DC fast chargers, to the greater Los Angeles area. 

The goal is to make charging an electric vehicle convenient, while paving the way for rapid adoption of EVs in the region, the companies said.

350Green will begin installing the charging stations in late September. This network is part of an effort to create the infrastructure necessary to ensure EV drivers can confidently drive their vehicles off the showroom floor and around the region without worrying about running low on a charge.

"As the car capital of the world, we strongly support and encourage a region-wide network of charging stations for large-scale deployment of electric vehicles," said Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. "In fact, with initiatives like our seven-day 'permit-to-plug' guarantee and $2,000 rebate for home chargers, Los Angeles is the leader in a regional collaborative on EV readiness. I applaud 350Green and Walgreens for leveraging their resources to further grow our EV infrastructure."

Early focus on EV infrastructure has been on installing charging equipment in homes and municipal garages. However, the high number of residents in cities without access to a home or work garage limits their ability to participate in the EV revolution. A network of public charging stations, widely and conveniently located near where residents live and work, makes EV ownership a realistic option for thousands more residents.

"Our conveniently located stores make us uniquely positioned to be able to help reduce concerns about accessibility or 'range confidence,'" said Mark Wagner, Walgreens president of community management and operations. "We are excited to offer these charging stations in the greater Los Angeles area as more and more Americans make environmental sustainability a way of life."

"The unique combination of car dependency and environmental sensibility in Los Angeles makes it a prime location for rapid EV adoption," added Mariana Gerzanych, CEO of 350Green. "Working with the city and Walgreens, we believe our network can help accelerate the purchase and use of EVs in Los Angeles."

A map of locations in the greater Los Angeles area is available here

350Green is focused on designing, building and operating a scalable, nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations. The company partners with retailers, commercial property managers and developers, and municipalities to locate charging stations at places near where EV drivers live and work. Current projects are underway in Illinois, Pennsylvania, California and New York.