DUBLIN, OH -- Pacer International Inc., a major North American freight transportation and global logistics services provider, said it is adding a number of liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered trucks to its Southern California cartage fleet. 

The trucks will operate through Pacer's cartage subsidiary, Pacer Cartage Inc.

LNG-powered trucks are estimated to produce 33 percent less nitrogen oxides and 20 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than diesel-fueled trucks, the company said. Pacer will be testing the LNG trucks' operational capabilities to determine continued deployment of LNG trucks.

The LNG truck testing program is a “continuation of Pacer's commitment to reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency,” Pacer said. More than 300 clean diesel tractors have been deployed in Southern California to support local cartage operations. Pacer is also a SmartWay partner.

"We believe that the use of clean tractor technologies for our cartage operations is the right decision for our customers, the environment and our company. We are excited to test the benefits of this new technology in our cartage operation," said Val T. Noel, president of Pacer Cartage.