SAN MARCOS, CA -- Omnitek Engineering Corp. said it has appointed Seraph Energy LLC as exclusive marketing agent for the company’s diesel-to-natural gas conversion kits in Pennsylvania. 

Seraph’s primary focus will be on cultivating market growth and facilitating conversions of heavy-duty trucks in this region with significant natural gas reserves.

“With more than 150,000 heavy-duty diesel trucks in the state of Pennsylvania and an abundant source of clean-burning and relatively inexpensive natural gas, the application of Omnitek’s conversion technology offers meaningful benefits to gas suppliers, service providers and end-users,” said Werner Funk, president and CEO of Omnitek Engineering Corp.

“Omnitek’s technology complements energy demands of high-fuel-use industries in Pennsylvania, such as over-the-road trucking and mining – providing relatively inexpensive diesel-to-natural gas engine conversions,” said Ed Agostinelli, general manager of Seraph Energy. 

What’s more, Agostinelli added, this investment comes at an opportune time. A growing infrastructure offers easy access to natural gas supplied by the Marcellus Shale Gas Field. 

Some industry observers believe that development of the Marcellus Shale deposits promises to be one of the most important opportunities for the United States in the next several decades. 

“These deposits, combined with existing underground sources of natural gas in the Commonwealth, may very well represent the largest gas reserve in the world,” said Scott Perry, director of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Oil and Gas Management. Perry made the statement at a recent meeting of the Sullivan County Energy Task Force.

Pennsylvania-based Seraph Energy is focused on developing markets and applications for natural gas, primarily the conversion of older diesel vehicles to operate on CNG and LNG.