TALLAHASSEE, FL – Sen. Mike Bennett (R.) has proposed a bill that would mandate minimum biodiesel usage in all diesel fuels sold by dealers or wholesalers in Florida.

By December 31, 2011, all diesel fuel sold by dealers or wholesalers in the state of Florida must contain at least 2 percent biodiesel. When the annualized biodiesel production capacity reaches a minimum level of 233 million gallons, or about 8 percent of the annual diesel consumption in the state, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will notify all dealers and wholesalers that they must begin selling diesel fuel containing a minimum of 5 percent biodiesel. This action must take place no later than two months after the date of the notice. Dealers and wholesalers must provide a certificate of analysis of any biodiesel received.

In addition, the bill would add new requirements for companies using renewable feedstocks in the biodiesel manufacturing process. The bill states that each biodiesel manufacturer that processes at least 50 percent of its annual B100 biodiesel production from renewable feedstocks must meet the reporting, bonding and licensing requirements for wholesalers.