PENDERGRASS, GA – Clean Cities Atlanta's Clean Start Propane Workshop on Wednesday, March 9, 2011 featured two bi-fuel propane autogas-powered vehicles from Force 911. The one-day event, held at the Manheim Drive Center in Stockbridge, Ga., featured several speakers in the propane gas industry as well as a Ride and Drive for participants to test drive propane autogas vehicles.

Force 911 exhibited two bi-fuel propane vehicles, a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor and a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Each vehicle is installed with the PRINS Vapor Sequential Injection (VSI) System which allows the driver to switch the vehicles between propane autogas or traditional gasoline. The PRINS system is available for several makes and models of vehicles.

"As fleets look for ways to reduce fuel expense due to rising gas prices, bi-fuel vehicles become an attractive alternative because of the flexibility to operate the cars on traditional gasoline or propane autogas,” said Charles Gregory, Sales/Installation Manager, Force 91. “Many fleets work with their local propane provider to install a fueling station at their fleet base. The vehicle conversion process requires approximately 1-2 days per vehicle depending on the make and model, so there is minimal downtime."