CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – The City of Charlottesville, Va. estimates it is saving $100,000 on fuel and maintenance after replacing aging City vehicles with hybrids, according to Charlottesville has a sustainability policy, and as part of the program has been purchasing a number of alternative-fuel vehicles, replacing those requiring it.

According to the City, it uses 45 alternative-fuel vehicles, including16 bi-fuel (GNC and gasoline) vehicles, 21 hybrid electric vehicles, and five flex fuel (ethanol and gasoline) vans. The City stated that it has also introduced biodiesel blends into a select number of its diesel vehicles. Of the 21 hybrids, the City has Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, and Ford Escape models.
Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT) also put two hybrid buses (part of the 45 alt-fuel vehicles) into service in January. The City stated it anticipates it will use 25- to 30-percent less diesel fuel with hybrid vehicles. The City expects the buses to reduce fuel consumption by 7,000 gallons when compared with diesel, which will save roughly $21,000 per year. The City also intends to replace seven other diesel buses with hybrid buses over the next two years.