SAN DIEGO, CA - Milbank Manufacturing Co. of Kansas City, Mo., said it has selected AeroVironment of Monrovia, Calif., to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to its customers through Milbank's nationwide distribution network. The partnership enhances Milbank's PowerGen line of renewable power solutions and furthers the expansion of EV charging infrastructure throughout the United States.

Milbank will offer several of AV's EV charging station models to meet its customers' needs, including vehicle charging at the home, office, retail complex, fleet yard or construction site. AV's smart charging station is compatible with the smart grid and capable of interacting with utilities to help manage the potential impact of EVs on the electric grid.

Milbank's distribution network will give electrical contractors throughout the nation access to AV's EV charging products to support all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. EV and plug-in hybrid drivers will also gain access to these products through major home improvement retailers serviced by Milbank.

"AeroVironment has been continuously innovating in the electric vehicle space for decades," said Lavon Winkler, president and CEO of Milbank. "We share a common vision with AeroVironment to provide an end-to-end solution that ensures complete peace of mind for EV drivers, so they can literally charge up and go."

When the EV line is launched this spring, the company plans to feature a range of Milbank-branded charging solutions from AeroVironment:

  • MEVSE-RS Level 2 charging dock for home and business
  • Dual- and quad-port MEVSE-RS configurations that charge two and four EVs from a single utility connection
  • MEVSE-RS+ smart charging dock, which enables communication with the grid to turn drivers' homes into grid-connected smart charging hubs
  • CHAdeMO-certified Level 3 DC EV50-PS and EV50-FS, which recharge vehicles in minutes instead of hours.

The program will be supported by formal training held at the Milbank Institute of Training, the company's training, UL certification, and research and development facility. Training will focus on all of Milbank's renewable solutions, including EV charging, backup power systems and small wind turbines.

"Combining Milbank's extensive network in 50 states and AeroVironment's EV charging leadership, this partnership will significantly expand access for Americans to charge their EVs anywhere, any time -- and with proven and reliable solutions," said Tim Conver, chairman and CEO of AeroVironment.