CONCORD, NH - The City of Concord is installing new idling-reduction equipment, purchased with federal stimulus money, that could result in $8,000 in fuel savings annually, according to the Concord Monitor.

The eight IdleRight devices, are being installed on seven light trucks and a police sedan. The devices allow vehicles to run their warning lights off a battery instead of an idling engine, and are projected to save the city about 3,000 gallons of gas a year, Bob LeBreux, the city's fleet manager, told the Monitor. When the battery runs low, the system automatically turns on the engine to recharge it and then shuts the engine down again to save fuel.

Mayor Jim Bouley and other City officials announced the device installation on Dec. 28 at a public ceremony. The event included a demonstration of the equipment and viewing of the installation that took place immediately following the ceremony.

If the savings live up to expectations, the City may seek to outfit its entire fleet with the device. The City has 259 vehicles, including trailers and heavy equipment, according to the Monitor.