LOS ANGELES - The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) is testing 10 BYD F3DM dual-mode electric sedans at its offices. HACLA expects each vehicle will significantly reduce fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions by almost 37 lbs. annually.

 According to the manufacturer, the sedans used in the HACLA fleet can travel for 40-60 miles purely on electricity, then can be manually switched over to plug-in-hybrid mode, where a  1L gasoline engine can extend the range another 300-plus miles while charging the batteries. The dual-mode vehicles resolve range anxiety, but they can be treated as all-electric vehicles because drivers can drive all-electric all the time.

The F3DM comes with an onboard overnight charger, which charges vehicles in less than seven hours using 220VAC outlets, according to BYD.