EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ - Clean Vehicle Solutions LLC, a small vehicle manufacturer, and BAF Technologies Inc. have entered a joint agreement to drive installations of BAF CalComp natural gas (CNG) systems through Clean Vehicle Solutions' small vehicle manufacturing facility in New Jersey. 

The joint marketing agreement involves the production of EPA- and CARB-certified alternative-fuel systems as well as light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles that qualify for federal tax credits. Clean Vehicle Solutions is now the authorized small vehicle manufacturer of CNG vehicles using BAF CNG systems in the Northeast.

Both companies said they will leverage their years of management experience in natural gas, vehicle manufacturing and technology innovation to offer more solutions for corporate, commercial and municipal fleets. 

"Our joint marketing agreement will expand compressed natural gas vehicle solutions for fleets in the Northeast corridor, from Maine to Virginia, during an important growth period for alternative fuel vehicles," said John Bacon, president of BAF. 

"As natural gas vehicles become more important to corporate, commercial and municipal fleets, this agreement will further facilitate access and availability to the necessary technology and the infrastructure to support the growth in the industry," said Pat Charla, marketing director of Clean Vehicle Solutions. 

BAF Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of natural gas vehicles in the United States. Clean Vehicle Solutions is a leader in the compressed natural gas (CNG) small vehicle manufacturing industry.